These 7 Celebrities Love to Shop at Thrift Stores

Think your favorite stars only buy their stuff at designer shops? Think again, as there are a number of celebrities who, despite their millions, still like shopping at thrift outlets. They probably do this to preserve their wealth or perhaps to help themselves remain in touch with their humble roots. Or maybe they just love the experience of thrift shopping that they can’t imagine ever quitting this habit. Find out who these celebrities are and follow their lead!



The young ingenue struck it rich early in her musical career and thus should have designers and free clothes at her disposal. Despite this, she still opts to beat a path towards thrift shops to find the next best outfit for her performances.

“”I got this navy blue vintage suit with gold buttons. It fits me perfectly,” she revealed in an interview. “I wear it onstage all the time. It’s my favorite, and I didn’t even need to get it tailored. It’s my best find by far, and it was $50, which is more than I like to spend at a thrift store.”

Julia Roberts

She’s America’s Sweetheart and used to be the highest paid actress in the world, not to mention an Oscar winner. Despite her A-list stature, she’s not against shopping at consignment stores, buying apparel for her own children. She also gets the slightly used items for herself. It can be recalled she wore a vintage Valentino dress to an awards show some years ago.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Together with her daughter Willow, Pinkett Smith can be seen looking out for stylish finds at Santa Monica thrift shops every now and then. If you want to run into them, try looking for vintage gems in their area.

Drew Barrymore

This member of Hollywood royalty is a rather wealthy woman. However, the actress apparently doesn’t think she’s too fancy for thrift stores. In fact, she even wore a $25 find on a red carpet event in 2010!

Zooey Deschanel

The actress and singer’s love for thrift shopping may explain her quirky sartorial choices, as hinted by an interview where she revealed her penchant for secondhand items.

“Style isn’t when you buy yourself the most expensive things. It’s being creative and able to put together what you’ve collected,” she explained, recalling her pre-famous days. “I didn’t have a lot of money, so I got things for, like $2, $3, and made myself look as good as I could. Limitations make you more creative.”

Deschanel also recalled she always shopped at the Oxfam at Covent Garden in London as a teenager as it’s “a proper, big thrift store.”

Kylie Minogue


In 2009, the singer was spotted shopping at a Salvation Army store, spending a total of $40 for a couple of items. Despite her efforts to hide her famous features under huge sunglasses and a hat, some were still able to recognize the star. Trivia: did you know that her famous gold hotpants in that “Spinning Around” video was bought at a thrift shop?

Alexa Chung

Fashion’s IT girl is famous for her impeccable and very doable sartorial style. The former model, despite her style cred, isn’t reliant on designer items. She also adds thrift shop finds to her wardrobe. In fact, she has hosted a show in 2010 that focuses on, you guessed it, thrift shopping.

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