6 Ways to Make Money Without Being Employed

For those who find themselves unemployed and with no immediate and definite plans yet of what to do next, a great wealth of possibilities is just waiting to be explored. Congratulations for having the perfect opportunity now to choose how you can get your hands on that needed money without having someone tell you what to do. Of course, there are so many items on the menu, but there are chef-recommended options that you might want to sample yourself:

Let your creativity work for you


Each person has a creative side. If you haven’t fully tapped into this part of your persona, let it come out by listing down all known skills and then your interests. You can even take free online tests to help you figure out where you’re good at. You of all people, are in the best position to know where you’ll shine. Those who like photography may use the talent to freelance as a contributor in money-making sites or be the photographer for an event. How about writing? If you have the talent and passion for it, write blogs for sites. If you’re into crafts, start working on your art pieces and show them off to your neighbors, family, friends, and former colleagues. If you’re good, then you just might earn from them.

Participate in online surveys

There are survey companies who are paid by their clients to conduct surveys through the Internet. Respondents get rewarded in return in the form of cash. Although this may not make you rich, you can get that extra cash by simply participating in the survey. Just be wary of hoax sites that in the end pay you nothing.

Work for someone from the comforts of home

You can do this while waiting for another job or make this your new job. The latter case has proven to work since the last few years, particularly with the Internet and various platforms being available to make online work workable and lucrative. There are just too many business owners out there needing someone to help them run their company remotely.

Get rid of belongings that you don’t need

Items that are still in good condition but have no use to you anymore may be sold right in your garage or through e-bay. It can be a fun and literally rewarding experience. Do you have an extra space perhaps that you’d want to be rented? You will definitely get money out of it by fixing that unused space and putting it up on the market for lease.

Take part in medical research and causes

Do this with extreme caution. This suggestion may not be for everyone, because you have to consult with your doctor how safe it is for you to participate. Like bloodletting which pays money, you can look at this option but only if you know very well and accept the risks that come with the exercise.

Babysit or “pet-sit”


This option is only for those who enjoy taking care of babies or pets. You spend a few hours watching over your client’s baby or kids and get paid right away. Interestingly, even pets need to be taken care of by a sitter these days. Another form would be walking the dog (which is a skill, by the way),and usually this is on a regular basis. the now famous Dog Whisperer legend Cesar Milan started out that way — and look where he is now!

Whatever you decide to try out, just keep an open mind and take each step with a grain of salt.

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