4 Reasons Why You Need a Spa Treatment RIGHT NOW

The spa’s origins can be traced to the Roman era where mineral-rich waters were present to give medicinal treatments. Aquae Spadanae was the location of the first known spa used by the Romans for their baths to cleanse their bodies, and as they had believed their whole being. Spas and their proliferation have evolved to become not the open baths that they used to be but as an individual remedy to sooth a person’s body, mind, and even spirituality. The spa in modern times has now its own thriving industry. What has made the spa famous in many countries is its promise of health restoration, pampering, and overall feel-good experience. Men and women alike indulge themselves because they believe in the benefits of a spa treatment. And just what are the specific reasons for getting one aside from stress relief? Here are the four basic “whys.”


Relief of recurring aches and pains

Stiff muscles, muscle spasms, and arthritis are common conditions that can be relieved by a spa. The process normally involves a combination of massage and the use of mineral oils, especially on pain points.

Reduction or elimination of body toxins

Massages and soaking in mineral-infused warm bath highly stimulate the body’s lymphatic system that is responsible for carrying fluids in our blood vessels. Improved blood circulation translates to a healthier physiological functioning.

Skin regeneration

Exfoliating treatments do wonders to the skin not just aesthetically. They do a great job in allowing the skin pores to breathe optimally and skin cells to regenerate naturally. The result is not just a pinkish glow and tightness, but also the relief of itching and dryness.

Feel-good disposition

Spa helps in the release of the Serotonin chemical in the body which works to maintain mood balance. It promotes muscle constriction and transmission of nerve impulses, facilitating the “happy” feeling and wellbeing.


How do you get the most out of the spa treatment?

After identifying the basic reasons for getting that spa, you’re now ready to pick the most suitable treatment for you. To get your money’s worth, just remember that you need to

  • Know your desired objective: Do you want to work on that dry skin or perhaps get rid of the soreness in your muscles?
  • Do your research about the different options:  There are simply too many kinds of spas and variations that sometimes they get confusing. Merely focus on your purpose for having a treatment and be sure to consult your doctor if you have an underlying health condition which you think may get in the way of the treatment.
  • Talk to your spa therapist: tell your therapist what you’re feeling and what you want the spa to accomplish
  • Familiarize yourself with the menu being offered:  Like restaurants, there are usually a lot of treatments available in the menu. Don’t guess or assume anything based on the description. When something catches your interest, ask the spa therapist to explain what it is and what it does so you can compare the products or ingredients used, the intended outcome, and the price.
So go ahead and do yourself a favor by trying out a spa to know what we’re talking about. It’s always beneficial to the health, and it never fails to leave an uplifting effect.

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